Crypt of Drugula

Get Loose

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God’s mysterious plan.

God loves us, is fair, and has a plan for each and every one of us that has ever existed and ever will. He knows our hearts personally and individually. Somehow babies born addicted to crack fit into the plan. And genocides, random acts of violence, starvation, total ownership of human beings by other humans, and massgraves. He knows where rape, abuse of children, HIV, and a generation of humans staring at screens until they develop anxiety all fit. An unholy gamut of despair and loss puzzled into the mosaic of existence between love, hope, and altruism. But the devil is blamed for the suffering. And for god to love us so deeply he waits on his victory over satan, knowing each day in his omnipotentce that thousands of children he created and loves on a personal level will die a vast array of sickening and tragic deaths.

Guys, he’s not real. Help eachother.

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